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The "Celebrating the 2024 Year of the Dragon New Year Table Tennis Day" hosted by the "Jinfeng Table Tennis Club" on behalf of Jinfeng showed the public the courage and charm of our Jinfeng table tennis athletes, and also received active support from other Jinfeng activity groups, showing the style of the warm Jinfeng family. The dragon is the spiritual symbol and cultural symbol of the Chinese nation. This year's popular "dragon walks 龘龘" describes the dragon soaring and dancing, full of high-spirited and warm expectations of good things. Just as the Jinfeng couplet this year mentioned, "Jinfeng celebrates the passing of the years every year, and the old-haired people are all rejuvenated", it says that what we old-haired people expect is to have a healthy body.

Speech by host and captain
Chairman Huang's speech
6. Table Tennis Women's Singles Friendly Match
7. Wu Jinzhen's electric blowpipe "Drawing You"
8. Liu Hefu's solo song "Love in Late Autumn"
9-Men's Table Tennis Singles Friendly Match
10-Fan Shuyun sings solo "The Yellow River flows through my home"
11-Zheng Sanyuan's Erhu Solo "Nomadic Time"
12-Women's doubles table tennis
13- An Qi and Fan Shengbo sang "Wait for Me, My Dear"
14-Zheng Zeming's solo "Shanghai Yao"
15-Men's table tennis doubles
16-Cai Zhinan played the electric wind instrument, Alma sang "Jiangnan Ballad"
17-Hao Ping recites "When the Melody of the Spring Festival Sounds Again"
18-"Golden Maple Dance Troupe" performs "Jiangnan Ballad"
19-Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Dumplings
21. Good times with ballroom dancing
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