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Friday Mornings



Golden Maple Dance Team

Golden Maple Dance Team
Golden Maple Dance Team

Time & Location

Friday Mornings

Mississauga, 2800 Erin Centre Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5M 6R5加拿大



1. Coach of "Golden Maple Dance Team", Sun Shengying, 2021.8.5

Get together here because of the destiny, and make friends because of the dance;

Fun for dancing, only dancing!

Only a healthy and happy life can dance gracefully.

-Sun Shengying,

I am Sun Shengying, currently the coach of the Golden Maple Dance Team. I have had a soft spot for dance since I was a child, and I joined a school-level dance team. After going abroad, since 2006, I have studied at Yangyang Dance School and systematically carried out physical training and basic dance training for various ethnic minorities. Since 1999 and 2008, he has participated in the Toronto Multicultural Art Troupe Waist Drum Team and became the main force of basic waist dance training and performance. He was invited and participated in the choreography of some movements.

I not only strengthened my own dance training and strived for perfection, but also led the club members to dance together. This gave me the opportunity to improve myself, and also played a role in inheriting and promoting the color of Chinese multi-ethnic dance. Since 2007, I have never stopped teaching dance, waist drums and other dance types, and I have also led the elderly group students to dance together. I have served as the captain of the dance team of the Fengcai Art Troupe for nearly ten years. Since 2008, he has served as a choreographer and professor of dance when teaching in a French school. In 2021, "Happy Little Fish" edited and directed by me won the third prize at the We Are Big Family Children's Evening Party.

Dance accompanies me in my life. I am happy to dance, but dance is unique! Dancing for a happy life.

2. The growth of "Golden Maple Dance Team"

a. The dance team has stopped activities since the epidemic, because it is difficult to synchronize the music and dance on Zoom. In August 21st, teacher Sun Shengying was willing to teach us the elderly before starting the activity

b. Teacher Sun Shengying led Jin Feng and other Chinese groups to dance "I Love China" on the 19th Dragon and Lion Festival. Her beautiful and exquisite dance profession, your patient and meticulous teaching attitude, and her teaching methods have significantly improved students' dance skills, it is obvious to all!

c. At the beginning, the Golden Maple Dance Team had 27 students enrolled, with an average age of 65 years old. The dance level of our players is not high, but the enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning is beyond reproach. Every time I practice dancing, I sweat. Everyone felt the hardships that Teacher Sun had made to teach dance.

d. After the dance class, students can receive a video of Teacher Sun's teaching so that they can be contacted in peacetime. Familiar with music and proficient in dance steps.

e. Notice every Friday:

3. Discipline of dance team activities:

4. Video: Dance

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