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2023 Canadian Chinese Music Concert

At the Golden Autumn Festival "Canada Chinese Music Concert" held grandly on November 26, 2023, the "Golden Maple Senior Chinese Association" was specially invited to perform the opening dance "Mother is China" led by Teacher Sun Shengying. The "Golden Maple Dance Team" performed a brilliant performance, which was popular with the audience and won applause! Professional and senior dancers and the audience praised and highly evaluated: "The opening dance is great! Lively and cheerful, the formation changes are very beautiful! The performance was very successful! The actors are very dedicated and full of energy! Your program is one of the best! "Handsome men and beautiful women dressed in colorful national costumes, accompanied by passionate and unrestrained Chinese national music, dancing gracefully and boldly, changing formations easily and freely with the rhythm of cheerful music. The audience was fascinated and surprised. It is really a magnificent opening! It shows the beautiful scene of the Chinese nation gathering together and thriving! All ethnic groups are as close as one family, and mother is China! "

Our dance team member Yingzi said: "This is the result of the joint efforts of brothers and sisters. President Huang has good leadership, Teacher Sun is dedicated and meticulous, and Teacher Jiang is hardworking and provides serious guidance. Thank you to the warm Jinfeng collective."
Dance coach Sun Shengying said: "I have choreographed countless dances, but this is the first time I have seen such a detailed, stunning and beautiful article after the performance. I know at a glance that the author must have participated in it and felt the experience with us for more than a month, so that he could write such vivid and subtle details. Our team is really full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers! Thank you Shasha!"; "Everyone has said a lot. Yes, without the management and support of Teacher Huang, it is hard to imagine that a large-scale dance of 20 people can finally be put on the stage, and our costume manager Bobo is dedicated and responsible, and Sister Baiyun did a lot of trivial things together. I also want to thank Teacher Jiang for helping me rehearse this opening dance and giving suggestions and ideas for the excellence of the dance. Of course, there are Ruoshui, Teacher Zhou and so on. Everyone's efforts are in the same direction. It is the overall high quality of the team that made me dare to take on this important task and achieved good results! Thank you all for your company over the past two months! I hope there will be opportunities to create miracles together!"
Dancer Bai Yun said: "Our team is amazing! We are full of talented people! Thank you Fengsha! The article is so vivid and touching. This opening dance is very good! I forwarded it to my friends in China and it received unanimous praise! I wish the Jinfeng Dance Team will become more and more prosperous! Create better dances! I am very happy to be involved in it!"
Dancer and reporter Shasha said: "Thank you for your encouragement! I am grateful for meeting you at Jinfeng! I don't have much talent in dancing, but I am interested in writing articles and taking photos. I used to work as a full-time news reporter, and now I am very happy to do what I can for our excellent team! Thank you for the president's trust and personal review and revision, and submission for publication, so that our opening dance of "Mother is China" can be successfully performed and more people can see and appreciate it!"


2023 Rehearsal in Community Studio

Rehearsing in the church on the eve of the performance (2023-11-25)

The opening dance of the Canadian Chinese Music Concert "Mother is China"

Warm and touching moments before the opening dance of the Canadian Chinese Music Concert "Mother is China"

Opening dance "Mother is China" performance video

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