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The network world extends in all directions and links to each other  Strengthen the camp

In order to facilitate the inquiries of social resources by Golden Maple members, a few websites that are frequently needed in life are selected and listed here. If there are other websites that are helpful in life, please make suggestions. Please send an email on this website or go to the "Contact Us" on the homepage to contact us with a QR code.

If the host of the linked website is willing to support us. Welcome to the website organizers who are beneficial to the elderly to click "Follow Us" on the main page, $15.00/year, $1.25/month

     1. Mississauga City

     2. DBNC non-profit organization: housing services; children's education (for details, please click "Contact Us" on the main page)


     3. Wealth Plus Canada Consulting Team: Caring about your health and family wealth

     4. Elderly dental care

     Seniors dental program-Region of Peel (

     5. Mississauga seniors house

     Chartwell Retirement Residences-SearchResults

     6. 51 website: text news (Chinese)  

     7. All-round coverage of news, movies, stories, etc. [Canada] Connecting the world and integrating things

     8. WalMart weekly discount flyer

     Online Shopping Canada: Everyday Low Prices at!

     9. T&T Supermarket

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