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2023 Annual General Meeting Report (AGM)

1. Recall the date and original purpose of the establishment. The development of Jinfeng does not forget the original intention

2. Report that the number of registered members has exceeded 100. 38% of them are new members

3. Summarize the hobbies and trends of Jinfeng members participating in 13 activity groups, and the number of people learning English and computer has increased significantly. In order to better serve members, a dentist treatment demand group has been opened up.

4. Display members from all corners of the country and divide them into 8 fellow groups, and the changes in the proportion of each group. Now "Spicy Capital & Shuangguang Fudi" ranks first on the list, surpassing the number of people in the "Shanghai Tiandi" group.

5. Summarize the number of attendees for each activity in 2022-23. Jinfeng held a total of 8 celebrations; 280 weekly daily activities, with a total of 8,000 people participating in various activities.

6. Thanks to the social groups that support the growth of Jinfeng: (1) Anglican Church; (2) DBNC non-profit association; (3) Mississauga Elderly Entertainment Club. They also commissioned Jinfeng to publish their agency logo on the website to establish a close friendship.

7. Introduce Jinfeng network promotion: (1) Jinfeng website, (2) Jinfeng YouTube, (3) Jinfeng Facebook, (4) website, (5) Jiahua Times,

8. Jinfeng participates in community activities and repays the support of the society: (1) In May 22, he participated in the performance of the Mississauga Multicultural Festival for the first time, dancing "Blue Sky Dream". (2) Performances in the French area in February; the dance "Gathering" and the Tai Chi sword "Blessings of Love". (3) Participated in the performance of the 38th Multicultural Festival in Mississauga in May, and dispatched volunteers to design posters. The dance "Nomadic Time " and the chorus "Jasmine Flower" were performed.

9. Financial Reporting: The main source is membership fees and the National Day celebration funded by Canadian Heritage.

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