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    2022 Golden Maple Carol "Eternal Motherly Love" Gala

Flowers bloom in May, and it's Mother's Day again.

Mother's Day is a day of gratitude;

Mother's Day is a day of singing;

Mother's Day is also the day we miss mom the most!

Today we celebrate "Eternal Maternal Love", maternal love is great and lasting. Even if our mother passes away, we will always feel that our mother is by our side on Mother's Day, silently presenting the most revered and beautiful flower in our hearts to her.


Mother, give us life and nurture me to grow; give us warm embrace and kind smile. Our children grow up under the care of our mother, but my mother is getting old slowly. Now that I have become a mother, I deeply understand the responsibilities and difficulties of being a mother, and selflessly pass on the mother's love back then to the next generation. A mother's love is passed on from generation to generation, forever and ever. This is the eternal maternal love worthy of praise.

​ Praise to "Eternal Maternal Love" - the party begins, the chairman makes a speech

1. "Shuangguang Fudi" Xu Bin announced the curtain; performances: Wang Liyu, Xu Bin, Ma Zhizhen

2. Luo Houyao announced the "Spicy City"; performances: Liao Zuhong, Luo Houyao, Zhou Guosheng, Li Xiuling, Tang Ying,
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3. "Intergenerational Interaction" - "A little Love" chorus, Yin Yue, Yang Chen, Zhang Jin, Pan Qihui

4. "Praise Mother" recited in "English Class Group A", Luo Houyao, Li Xiuling, Liu Fengyun, Liu Ying  Chen Guoyuan, Wu Zhifen

5. Chang Simo announces "Dalian Seaport"; performances: Lu Xue, Fan Shuyun

6. "Beijing-Tianjin River Xilan": Gao Changjiang announced the curtain; performances: Ouyang Weijiang, Xiao Qingfu, Gao Changjiang, Zhou Ying, Wang Jianguo, Chen Qi
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7. "Intergenerational Interaction" solo:Roseley Guo

8. "Three Treasures of the Northeast" by Li Jianhua; performers: Liu Fengyun, Liu Ying, Wu Zhifen, Cao Youcai, Liu Ying

9. "The Land of Fish and Rice in Jiangsu" by Yang Yi; performers: Yang Yi, Fan Youzhi

10. "Shanghai World" Gao Haishan announced the curtain; performances: Yi Jin, Wen Lifen, Gao Haishan, Gu Xiaoping, Wang Minyu, Zhu Guobin

11. "Intergenerational Interaction" solo, Wang Zihan

12. "Golden Maple English Class" performances: Ye Jingping, Chen Guoyuan, Wen Lifen

13. "Jinfeng Pianpian Dance Team" performances: Sun Shengying, Luan Aimin, Fan Shengbo, Fan Shuyun, Wei Qun, Zhou Yuanqing, Zhou Ying

14. The music "Mother''s Day" welcomes everyone to a happy ending

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