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2023 Canada Day Celebration

1 Preparations before the Canada Day Party

2023 - Golden Maple Celebrates Canada's 156th National Day Full Video

2 Announce the start of the celebration and sing the Canadian national anthem

3. Congratulatory letter from Mississauga District 6 Councillor, Mr. Joe Horneck - read in Chinese and English by Chen Qi

4 President Jin Feng's congratulatory message and English and French translations

5 Cathy solo Edelweiss

6 Dance "Minor Love Song Peach Blossom Red"

7 Jasmine Flower by Golden Maple and Orchid in the Valley

8 Tai Chi Sword "Looking at the Starry Sky" by Coach Xu Lanhua

9 Liu Ying's solo "Romantic Sunset"

10 Jin Feng dances the Mongolian dance "Nomadic Time"

11 Jinfeng Xinjiang Dance Troupe "Happy Xinjiang Dance"

12 Jin Feng "Food"

13 Jin Feng "Friendship"

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