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2023 Mississauga Police-Community Festival

On October 1st, the weather was bright and sunny in autumn, and the 22nd Police-Community Festival hosted by the Mississauga Chinese Chamber of Commerce kicked off at the City Hall Square! People from all over the world, dressed in ethnic festive costumes, gathered on the lawn, singing and dancing, and the square was like a sea of joy.

A1 - Golden Maple Police-Community Day Poster

A3 - Police-Community Day Poster

B1 - Jin Feng arrives at the venue

B2- Jin Feng took a group photo with the directors present

B3-Photo of actresses

B4-Friendly photo

B5- Police and citizens take a group photo

C1-Stills from the live performance

C2-Stills from the live performance

C3-Stills from the live performance

C4-Live Performance Stills

C5-Live Performance Stills

C6-Stills from the performance

C7- Performance scene j stills

C8-Stills from the performance

C9- Performance scene j stills

C10-Stills from the live performance

C11-End of the performance

C12-Xinjiang Dance "Melody of Love"

D1-Small stage language preview

D2-Group photo of small stage rehearsal

D3-Group photo of the small stage rehearsal

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