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No matter before the epidemic or during the epidemic, Jinfeng always showed enthusiasm, activity, harmony and steady style in various activities. During the period of the epidemic, Jin Feng held a gathering on the cloud for the first time in 2020. In the future, whether it is from China or Canada, it will be celebrated every new year. Hold an online remote party. Each party has its own characteristics, lively, joyous, and full of festive holiday feeling!

2019-2021 Jinfeng "Happy Celebration" Introduction

     1. 2019-06-15 "Community Activity Day"

     At this meeting, Jin Feng announced to the public the establishment of the "Jin Feng Chinese Senior Citizens Association", and began to organize activities and participate in every Friday in the Anglican Hall.        social activity.

























2. 2019-10-06 "Celebrate Song Zu Church"


































3.  2019-02-14, "Lantern Festival Party" Jin Feng "Happy 2019, Happy 2020"


4. 2020-04-17 Jin Feng "Long Farewell Reunion Concert"

Liu Ying initiated and presided over. At that time, many people didn’t know how to operate Zoom, so these 14 people who participated in the concert were pioneers in the application of Zoom technology.          Few, but love is the most real, strong, and moving gathering. I haven't seen each other for almost a year. When we met, we shed tears of excitement, shouting, how much I want to hug!














5. 2020-07-01 Jin Feng "Celebrate the 53rd Anniversary of Canada in 2020"

















6. 2020-10-24 "2020 Golden Phoenix Autumn Harvest Celebration Summit"


























7. 2020-12-22 "Golden Maple 2020 Christmas Celebration on the Clouds"


























8. 2021-02-25 Golden Maple celebrates the "Taurus White Jade Lantern Festival" with more joy































9. 2021-05-07 Golden Maple celebrates Mother's Day in the cloud in 2021 "Eternal Maternal Love"



























10. 2021-07-04 "Jin Fengyun celebrates Canada's 154 National Day"

Picture-7, April 2020 Jin Feng's "Long-awaited Reunion Concert".jpg
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