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2021-07 Celebrating Canada's 154th Birthday

       2022-07-01 庆祝加拿大155生日

Member sign-in service desk: Fan Youzhi, Yang Yumei
2  Canadian National Anthem Chorus: "Canadian National Anthem, Canadian National Anthem"
Chorus: Cheng Qiyuan, Wang Liyu, Ma Zhihua, Ouyang Weijiang, Luo Houyao, Yang Yi, Ma Hui, Xu Bin, Liu Ying, Li Xiuling, Ma Zhizhen,

2A  He Jinhe preached and conducted, all stood up and sang the Canadian national anthem

 3   President of Jinfeng Huang Huiping delivered a speech in Chinese


5  Roseley delivered a speech in French (picture)

  • Note: Roseley wrote the speech in English and French, unfortunately her French speech could not be recorded)

6  Speech by Mississauga Mayor Mayor Bonnie Crombie (video, with Chinese and English)

7 Congratulatory letter from Mississippi District 6 Mayor Mr. Ron Starr (picture)

7B Councilor Gao Haishan read a congratulatory letter from Mr. Ron Starr, Mayor of Mississippi District 6 (Chinese translation)

8  Gao Changjiang's online program host announced the start of the online program

9    Jinfeng English Poetry Recitation: "Thank You, Canada"

Readers (written by myself): Xu Bin, Luo Houyao, Lou Yalan, Ouyang Weijiang, Tan Wenshan, Chen Guoyuan, Ye Jingping

10 "Goodbye Dabie Mountain" (video, 4'25) harmonica performance: Lu Xue

11    "Treasure a Maple Leaf for You" reciprocated by Gao Changjiang and Ouyang Weijiang

12 "Ice and Snow Magic" photography exhibition, photography & video production: Luo Houyao

13  "The sound of silence" solo: Ma Zhihua

14  Gao Changjiang, online program host, hosts program segments

15  Orchid Painting" (video), exhibition, Zhang Fenglan

16  "la source, source" (video) harp performance: Gao Yuan

17 "Cizhen Ram" (online live) male solo: Yi Jin

18  Li Jianhua, host of the live show, announced the start of the live show

19    Li Jianhua and Fan Youzhi's partner announcement episode

19a) Li Jianhua, Fan Youzhi, partner announce the interlude stills.jpg

20 "There is a beautiful legend" male solo: Fan Youzhi

21《智斗》京剧,王善政& 刘俊珍        剧照

22 "Will enter the wine" recitation, Gao Haishan

23 "You Raise Me Up" female solo: Liu Ying

24  Mr. Ron Starr, Mayor of District 6 of Mississauga, came to the scene

24A  Speech by district chief Ron

24B President Huang and district chief RON took a group photo

24 C Wang Zihan (Jack) received and provided on-site Chinese translation for Mr. Ron Starr

24D district head Mr. Ron Starr and Jinfeng members enjoy the Golden Maple National Day Gala together

25 "Liu Yi Biography, Farewell" Yue Opera, Zhang Jinfeng, Chen Hong

26 "Blue Sky Dream" Jinfeng Dance Team

27    Group photo

28 "The Melody of Love" dancers: Zhou Guosheng, Jiang Ying

29    "The Melody of Love" group dance stills

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