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     2022 Jin Feng's lively Lantern Festival
"Who Doesn't Say My Hometown Is Good"

The fifteenth Lantern Festival moon, sixteen rounds. Today is a good day for Golden Maple's family members! On behalf of our Golden Maple's Council, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Chinese and foreign folks attending the Lantern Festival tonight! Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and sincere support for Golden Maple's annual Lantern Festival party! And extend the best holiday wishes, I wish you all a happy family reunion, good luck, continuous happiness, and good luck in the 2022 Lantern Festival of the Year of the Tiger!

Tonight's Golden Maple is alive and kicking Lantern Festival, and the lively one is "Who Doesn't Say My Hometown Is Good". We would like to thank all the staff who worked hard for the unforgettable Lantern Festival night that is full of Chinese national characteristics.

I hope that tonight's program will bring you a strong hometown flavor, warm nostalgia, and good wishes for your hometown. May our hometown be lively, prosperous, and prosperous.

On behalf of the board of directors, President Huang greeted everyone

1. "New Year's Message" Northeast dialect  - compiled by Li Jianhua

2. Three and a half sentences of "Speaking of Anshan" - Li Jianhua (author), performers: Liu Ying, Wu Zhifen, Cao Youcai, Liu Fengyun

3. "Fu Hu New Year", "Twelve Zodiac" New Year paintings - Liu Fengyun

4. "Flying Love", guitar – Darren Hu

5. "Tiger in the Year of the Tiger" - Zhang Fenglan

8. "Tiger", calligraphy – Gao Changjiang (picture

9. "Grateful", female solo – Ouyang Weifrontier

11. "Pigeon", harmonica performance – Lu Xue

12. "Oyster Hometown Dialect" -  Li Suqin (Editor: Lu Xue)

13. "Thank you teacher" recitation

Cast: Wu Zhifen, Luo Houyao, Li Xiuling, Chen Guoyuan, Liu Fengyun, Liu Ying

14.-Fan Youzhi, Yang Yi: "Happy New Year", the model "You treat your comrades like a family"

15. Flute- Yining Song

16. "It's Difficult to Be a Human" duet – Gao Haishan, Gu Xiaoping

17. "Hometown Love" Shanghai Minor - Wang Minyu

18. "Flavored Shredded Chicken" Food - Zhu Guobin

19. Boys solo in "Luwei Sanatorium" - Yijin

22. Food of "Two Great New Year Rice Dumplings" - Xu Bin

23. "Thousands of Rivers and Thousand Mountains Are Always Love", Cantonese song - Wang Liyu

24. "Guangxi Mei Cai Braised Pork" Food -  Tan Wenshan, Wang Liyu

25. Songs of Hunan Flower Drum Opera "Liu Hai Cutting Wood" - Liu Lilan

26. "Gesture Dance" - Liao Zuhong

27. "Looking at Yangko" Duo Zhuan - Wang Shunji, Chang Lihua

28. "Catch Chicken Dance"-  Zhou Guosheng

29. "Changing Partners" English song - Tang Ying, Li Xiuling, Chang Lihua, Luo Houyao

30. "Good Luck" Jinfeng Dance Team Cast: Sun Shengying, Chen Guoyuan, Fan Shengbo, Liu Lilan, Feng Ruimei, Zhou Ying, Zhou Yuanqing

32 "Lunar New Year - Orchestra" Music

33. Lantern Festival Congratulatory Poem - Xing Baozhong

34. Jin Feng Lively Dragons and Tigers Celebrate the Lantern Festival-1

35. Jin Feng Lively Dragons and Tigers Celebrate the Lantern Festival-2

36. Jin Feng Lively and Lively at the Lantern Festival-3

37.  Golden Maple Lively Dragon and Tiger Lively Lantern Festival-4

38. Golden Maple Lantern Festival picture collection movie

​Thank you for watching

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