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Tuesday Evening



Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop

Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop
Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop

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Tuesday Evening




1. The spirit of "Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop"

Ingenious lady,

In the past, I was dedicated to my family,

Today is compiled as fun,

Weave the youth of old age.

2. "Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop" Instructor: Yang Yi, Yilina, September 3, 2021

By chance, I learned about the existence of the Jinfeng Senior Citizen Community from WeChat and became a member of it. In several contacts with President Huang Huiping, I was impressed by President Huang’s intelligence, kindness, enthusiasm, hard work, and perseverance.

I was a doctor. I was born in the beautiful south of the Yangtze River. When I was young, I liked knitting sweaters like many little girls. I started knitting some small things. As the skills became more proficient, the knitting things gradually changed from simple to complex. , The objects are becoming more and more colorful, and they have been loved by family, colleagues and friends, and they have also obtained full of joy from them. Later, because of busy work, busy housework, and children's education affairs, knitting was far away from my hands. Now, I am retired, traveled across the oceans, and followed my daughter's family to Canada. This beautiful country, with plenty of time, has regained my hobby of knitting. This not only adds to the beauty of myself and our two lovely grandchildren, and wins praise from the children and friends around me, but also enriches my old life and delights my mood.

In April of this year, under the invitation and guidance of President Huang, together with like-minded weaving friends, he founded "Tuesday Knitting Workshop", and received the warm response and active participation of the sisters. Thirteen sessions have been successfully held through everyone's collective efforts. Each issue has a knitting theme, and a physical exhibition and discussion of the knitting skills that are of interest to everyone. Every work of the sisters will be reviewed, and every member has a sense of accomplishment and is proud of their work! Cheers for yourself! Everyone has surpassed their own age and returned to their youth! As a result, the purpose of founding Jinfeng has also been realized, so that the elderly can live more exciting, more confident, better and healthier lives! Make every family more harmonious and happier! This is also my idea of participating in this event. I am relieved to be able to do my little strength in it. Thank you, President Huang Huiping, for your trust in me! Thanks also to every member of Knitting Workshop!

I believe that under the leadership of President Huang and the joint efforts of the old sisters, our "Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop" will become better and better! Let us work together to weave a better life for the elderly!

3. The establishment of "Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop": April 24, 2021

a. Initiated by Ms. Yang Yi to teach everyone to knit wool. The knitting thread is good for the flexibility of the fingers, the nerves of the fingers are connected to the brain, and it is also good for brain activity. But I am getting older and my eyes are awkward. Will anyone participate?

b. Eight elders attended the first notice. Some eyes can no longer see the needles and threads, but they still can't help but want to come and take a look. Some have long since stopped knitting, and there is no needle and thread on hand. You cannot go out and buy during the epidemic. But everyone is interested and willing to continue activities.

c. Everyone showed their craft. We used to weave for my family, but now weave it for my own fun, for my lovely grandchildren, and for myself to dress up beautifully.

4. Teacher Yang Yi has a unique love for knitting yarn. Her superb knitting craftsmanship and beautiful yarn works arouse the students' great interest; her impatience and boredom, she tried her best to make the students convenient and easy to understand. Teaching methods, leading students to weave beautiful works. And the learning process is gradually speeding up. It is unbelievable that this came from the hands of an old man in his eighties.

5. Our Works

6. "Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop" brings us unexpected happiness

a. Xiuling: Let me express my thoughts on participating in the knitting workshop: I saw the colorful, changeable patterns and different shapes of clothes, skirts, shirts, and caps made by the ingenious teacher... I was full of praise! Determined to follow the teacher to go back to the old profession and use their brains. I want to forget my age, and I don't want to be successful, as long as I participate, I will reap joy! Surely harvest health! [Smiley

7. Video: compilation method

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