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Golden Maple Gardening Life

Chinese vegetable growing has a long cultural history, and our elders have a great place to give full play to our strengths. Our team is originally good at vegetable garden operations. The mobile vegetable growing culture focuses on wisdom and skills, combined with years of development, suitable for practice in the Canadian climate zone. Experience, promote the cultural characteristics of the vegetable garden.

Golden Maple Gardening Life
Golden Maple Gardening Life

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1. "Golden Maple Life Fun Park"

In view of the fact that the epidemic has not yet slowed down, in order to prevent the elderly from being lonely at home, Jinfeng established the "Jinfeng Life Interesting Garden" on September 2, 2020. After the establishment of the garden, vegetables began to grow in the spring. This has become a hot topic for everyone. Jinfeng has no shortage of vegetables and nourishment experts. This is the reason why everyone elected Fan Youzhi as the "principal". She and the "Golden Maple Vegetable Garden Culture Compilation Team" are sister WeChat groups. So far, they are interrelated and support each other.

On October 24, 2020, Fan Youzhi hosted the gathering in the "2020 Golden Phoenix Autumn Harvest Celebration". At the meeting, his fine seeds were distributed to everyone, and a bumper harvest in 2021 is expected.

2. "Golden Maple Vegetable Garden Culture Compilation Team" was established on August 10, 2021

When Fan Youzhi held a lecture on "Summer Le Tao Tao Xiaoyuan Great Harvest" on August 3, everyone had a lively discussion and exchanged experience in vegetable growing. That being the case, why didn't Jin Feng organize and compile vegetable growing experience? In this regard, the "Assembly Team" was established within a few days.

Our team are all excellent soldiers. Fan Youzhi collects information, Wang Wenren compiles vegetable growing experience, and President Huang Huiping makes overall arrangements, and edits "Vegetable Garden Culture"

3. The ability to compile from the practical experience of growing vegetables is convincing. Then you must first brighten the leader's vegetable garden.

4. Exchange seeds of good varieties. Let everyone have a harvest in the coming season and a bumper harvest in autumn

5. The first volume of the compilation has now been completed, but only for publication within the group. If you are interested, please contact us.

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