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11 special lectures have been held


Location is TBD

Holiday Celebration

Provide Tai Chi courses for Jinfeng members to promote overall health. The lowered body posture and slow rhythmic movements are especially suitable for the elderly to participate. Tai Chi can help participants relax their minds, reduce stress, strengthen lower body muscles, and improve body balance. After returning to the site to learn, Jinfeng students can start learning "Chen Style Tai Chi". --- Radar

Time & Location

11 special lectures have been held

Location is TBD


1. "Golden Maple Tai Chi Team" teacher: Radar

I'm Leida, the teacher of Jinfeng Taiji Team. I grew up on the Canadian prairies and now live in Mississauga. Over the years, I have studied and discussed Tai Chi with many teachers. I have many years of experience in teaching and mentoring students. Since 1997, I have been providing guidance to students in cultural centers, health support groups, large corporations, outreach projects of health units, community health centers, and nursing homes.

2. The growth of "Golden Maple Tai Chi Team"

Jinfeng Taiji Team was established in July 2019. Tai Chi is practiced by teacher Gao Haishan. There are as many as ten and one member in the outdoor chain machine. He returned to China at the end of the year and was coached by Mr. Radar. Teacher Lei has a deep foundation in Tai Chi, and his teaching attitude is strict and patient. He is very meticulous about each method of Tai Chi. Everyone is very happy to meet such a teacher who teaches traditional Tai Chi.

He has extensive teaching experience and can teach Tai Chi in Mandarin, Cantonese and English

3. Video:

a. Video -1-2020 Chen Guoyuan " Chen Family Tai Chi Eighteen Styles"

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