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About Us

Vigorous Jinfeng Chinese Elderly Association

A non-profit senior citizen group established on February 25, 2019. Our environment enables the elders to learn a lot, have good teachers and helpful friends, and always have fun in life; it is good for physical and mental health and spends a happy old age with peace of mind.

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  1. "Golden Maple Chinese Senior Citizens Association" has a core team that is dedicated to their duties, each demonstrates their abilities, division of labor, cooperation, unity and mutual assistance, mutual care, concerted efforts, vigor, combat effectiveness and appeal, and is willing to ride the wind and waves for Jinfeng. I am willing to start from myself and lead our elders to learn to use scientific concepts to regulate their lives and cultivate their temperaments from a variety of activities; to become good teachers and helpful friends; to be physically and mentally healthy; to enjoy the joy of the golden year.



Core team: "Golden Maple New Vision Executive Team"

1. Huiping Helena  Huang: President

     Doctor of Chemistry (Manchester, United Kingdom, 1992); Immigrated to Canada in 1994; Engaged in chemical research; Studious, computer skills and network system; Photography, travel.

2.  Xigang Zou: Vice Chairman

      Like singing, dancing, Tai chi.

3. Youzhi Fan: Director

    Love singing, dancing, tai chi; Vegetable master, selected as the "Golden maple knowledge interest Garden" principal, leading the "Golden Maple dish. Garden Culture Collection. 

4. Shengbo Fan: Director

   Able to sing and dance, diligent and studious, good at computer, network operation skills, but also edit and guide network operation video.

5. Ying Nancy Zhou: Director

   Love music, dance; Good at edition of video. 

6. Lanhua Xu: Director

     Good at Tai chi, studious.

What Do We Do

​Encourage us to develop the habit of lifelong learning through technological learning

We like to improve the original level; love to learn new content and new technology; we love life; we do not forget the traditional festivals of Chinese culture, we are willing to exchange local cultural traditions, celebrate traditional festivals, and actively participate in community activities.

We offer diversified classes; computer, English, drawing, knitting, dancing, Tai Chi; exchange of life experiences: growing vegetables, growing flowers, cooking; we celebrate the traditional festivals in our hometown together, and also celebrate the local traditional festivals.

Jinfeng’s WeChat small groups have their own characteristics, which facilitate the exchange of learning experiences and life experiences. New and old friends understand each other and increase friendship. When we celebrate our hometown traditional festivals and local traditional festivals together, we will share our talents. Finally, accompanied by holiday music, reluctantly wished each other festive joy.


Now we have established the following groups:

  1. "Golden Maple New Vision Executive Team"

  2. "Golden Maple English Class"

  3. "Golden Maple Happy Singing Garden"

  4. "Golden Maple Dance Team"

  5. "Golden Maple Orchid Pavilion"

  6. "Golden Maple Hand Knitting Workshop"

  7. "Golden Maple Life Fun Garden" and "Golden Maple Vegetable Garden Culture Compilation Team"

  8. "Golden Maple Tai Chi Team"

  9. "Golden Maple Youyou Studio"

  10. "Jin Feng's hometown praise group"

  11. "Golden Maple Network Develops World"

  12. "Golden Maple Network Technology Class"

  13. "Golden Maple Knitting Workshop"

  14. "Golden Maple Life Fun Garden" and "Golden Maple Vegetable Garden Culture Compilation Team"

  15. "Jin Feng Poetry Recitation Club"

  16. "Golden Maple Tai Chi Team"

  17. "Golden Maple Yoyo Studio"

  18. "Golden Maple Villagers (8)"

  19. "Jinfeng No. 5 Intergenerational Interactive Computer Class"

  20. "Jinfeng Phase 1 Intergenerational Interactive English Class"

  21. "Jinfeng 2023 Poster Video Production Team"

  22. "Jinfeng Liaison Station"

  23. "Jinfeng Dental Treatment Demand Group"

  24. "Kelen Social Service Station"

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