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1- Fang Qigang's campaign platform and the voices of Chinese people

2-2024-03-08 Support Frank

3-Jin Feng's "Pianpian Dance Team" supports Frank's poster

4-Jin Feng's "Song of Tianshan" Xinjiang Dance Troupe supports Frank's poster

5-"Golden Maple Chinese Senior Association" raised a banner

6-Jinfeng Representative

7-Fang Qigang took a photo with representatives

8-2024-05-19 Xinjiang Dance Troupe performs "Song of Tianshan"

8b- Group photo of Jin Feng's "Song of Tianshan"

9-Missippi Chinese support Fang Qigang to represent Chinese in the Mississauga mayoral election

10-Lion high pile

11-Wish Fang Qigang a successful election

12-Jinfeng supports Fang Qigang's campaign poster

13-Group photo

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