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About Mississauga Multicultural Festival

The Carassauga Festival of Cultures, now in its 39th year, has become an important annual event in the Mississauga calendar, and its popularity has steadily increased in recent years. As Canada's largest multicultural festival, it is held at the end of May every year to explore the beauty of world culture and enjoy music, dance, food and more exciting

activities. A cultural feast not to be missed, all

here. Xinjiang dance, which originated in the

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest

China, is a traditional dance of ethnic minorities

such as the Uyghurs. Women's dance is lively and

graceful, with light and agile steps. Men's dance

is vigorous and powerful. In addition, the

costumes of Xinjiang dance are bright and the

music is lively, showing the passionate character

and passion for life of the Uyghur people. The Jinfeng Xinjiang Dance Team is a new dancer, but it received thunderous applause when performing at the police-civilian gala last year. The dancers are passionate about Xinjiang dance. As the passionate music sounded, the actors immersed themselves in the performance, with graceful and tense dance moves, enthusiastic and elastic dance steps, and leaps. The perfect combination of melody and movement, a charming dance art feast showed the audience vivid pictures, making people feel as if they were in the vast desert and magnificent mountains and rivers.

1. Kalen announces the opening ceremony of the China Pavilion

2. Members of Parliament take a group photo with group representatives

Xinjiang dance "Tianshan Singing" live performance

Dance group photo of "Song of Tianshan"

Multicultural atmosphere

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