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Technical Training

In 2021, Jinfeng will keep up with the times and train our members to learn network technology through the establishment of a website. The use of the learned technology is convenient for our life needs, thereby generating interest in learning, forming a good habit of lifelong learning, and promoting the elderly to become the main force of modern science instead of breaking away from or falling behind in the pace of the technological age.

1. Enter the Zoom video conference and its civilized discipline  

We elders are indeed a big step behind younger people in online learning. However, with the elders’ past experience and knowledge, with their current energetic and eagerness to learn, we elders are confident in learning about science and technology. Stride to catch up with the trend of the times and become a new mainstream active in the Internet world. We, Jin Feng, sounded the clarion call to march into the network world!

We will ask experts to make operation video screens for everyone to learn by themselves. If you have any technical or knowledge-related questions, you can leave a message in "Contact Us" on the homepage at any time. We will respond to you in time. We will also invite relevant professionals to hold lectures specifically for us.

During the epidemic, many activities are limited to Zoom, so we must first popularize Zoom knowledge. To this end, we have prepared videos of the most basic operation techniques, including:

Jinfeng Zoom party civilized discipline.PNG

2. Modify the name (required for some activities)

2. Modify the name (required for some activities)

3. Exchange information on the chat version;

4. Change the background of your own video screen;

5. Share files, music and videos.

"Technical Training" requirements: (start here, continue to add new topics)

  1. Create mailbox

    • Mailbox correspondence

    • File forwarding

    • Registration: YouTube, Facebook, etc.

    • Email transfer

  2. The multiple kinetic energy of Google mailbox

    • Drive; photo; YouTube

    • Translation function

    • Upload and download

  3. WeChat

    • How to save files to the computer

    • Voice translation

    • Clean up the rubbish

    • Image Processing

    • Small film making

  4. How to make video, audio

    • Performances under the epidemic need to combine each person's screen into a video

    • Change or cut actor performance video to beautiful scenery video

  5. The internet

    • Search skills

    • Download and save

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