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Since its establishment, Jinfeng has attached great importance to holding monthly lectures on health, Canadian customs and holidays. Everyone was willing to listen to Preacher Ho Kam Ho's funny and life-relevant topics. The following is a group photo of Pastor He Jinhe when he gave a lecture on "The Origin of Christmas and the Symbols of the Festival" in 2019.

Picture-1, lecture.jpg

During the epidemic, in order to alleviate the depression caused by the elderly living at home, Jinfeng took the brunt of holding the first cloud lecture party "Easter" on April 14, 2019, and at the same time promoted Zoom Internet technology. The 17 members who participated at that time were not easy. On April 17, the "Reunion Concert After a Long Time" was held, and the number of participants increased to more than 30. Neighbors will never forget the scene when they reunited after a long absence. Some laughed, some couldn't help shouting with joy, and some couldn't help crying. Since then, Jinfeng has held celebrations on the cloud every year and festival. But silently looking forward to reuniting in the spacious and comfortable hall for activities after the epidemic.

The 2020 epidemic still locks people at home. Jinfeng still holds cloud celebrations every year and holidays, and encourages members to participate in cloud lectures held by other groups. Lectures on the cloud not only alleviate the loneliness of the elderly, but also expand the knowledge and horizons of the elderly, and enrich the hobbies and skills of the elderly.

From April 2021, under the funding of the Federal New Vision Elderly Project, Jinfeng will open its own Zoom to host lectures. To this end, Jinfeng invited experts from all walks of life to support the elderly with love and hold colorful lectures. At the same time, the elderly are also encouraged to attend lectures they are interested in to show their support. The following lectures have been held so far.

In the future, we will develop social resources, join hands with various associations and organizations to organize more activities for the elderly that are beneficial to physical and mental health, understand social and multicultural customs and habits, and introduce more rich social associations that are widely beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly. Lectures on integration into society.

1. 2021-03-31 "Easter"

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